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Join us, Saturday Dec 12th


In one month on December 12th, we want you to step back in time to set a firm foundation for our present and future generations. Our ancient stories tell us that Hawaiian fishponds were built by hundreds, if not thousands, of people in long lines from the mountains to the ocean passing the rock needed to build strong long-lasting walls. These were rocks and walls that would provide seafood to entire communities - ka ʻai kamahaʻo o ka ʻāina.

On Saturday December 12, 2015 we need 1,000 people to join us in a massive line from mauka to makai, just like our ancestors did, to put the finishing touches on our Pani ka Puka restoration efforts at Heʻeia Fishpond. It is safe to say this type and magnitude of community gathering to build a fishpond has not been documented in 200+ years across our island chain. It will undoubtedly be a historic, monumental, and do-not-miss event of the year and maybe a lifetime.

 Now that you are all-in, here are a few details about the day and how it will happen:

WHAT: A call for 1,000 people to pass rocks and coral to finish the repairs to the 80-foot "puka" that was created by a flood in 1965. Stretching over 2,000 feet from our fishpond shoreline to the puka, the single-file line of people will pass the rocks and coral to put the finishing touches on our restoration efforts at the puka. This immense act of laulima will allow the fishpond to be usable for traditional aquaculture again.

When: Saturday December 12th, 9am to 11am.

Where: Heʻeia Fishpond. All parking is at a huge parking lot mauka of Windward Mall at the corner of Alaloa St and Haiku Rd in Kaneʻohe. Here is a map to the parking lot. Participants will be shuttled via bus to and from the fishpond. Parking lot will open and shuttles will begin dropoff service at 7:30am. Please arrive early! Shuttles will resume return service at 11:30am and run until 1pm.

Who: You, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, anyone!! There is no age restriction but everyone will be asked to contribute in moving the material.

What to Bring: Clothes to work in, covered shoes, a water bottle, wallet (there will be some sweet merchandise for sale...think Christmas!), excitement, and energy. Please bring only what you can put in your pockets, at your feet, or maybe in a backpack.

What else: In addition to arriving physically ready to work, we ask that everyone come with a positive mind set and intent to build something that will last for generations beyond today. One way to nurture that is by learning a simple 4-line oli (chant) that we will do as a community when the work is finished. The clickable sound file and words are below. The oli describes the act of building a wall from first setting a foundation to ultimately locking and securing the final capstones. Please listen to the file, memorize the words, and come ready to add your mana to this place and project.

Hoʻoniho ka niho

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