Amazing Generosity

Posted by Keli'i Kotubetey on June 24, 2013

Sometimes individuals or groups of people in our lives sincerely amaze us with their generosity and desire to contribute to the vision we all share of a healthy and functioning He’eia Fishpond. We never take it for granted how powerful this place is and its ability to leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of those who visit, no matter how long or short it may be.

Such a group are the staff and management of Hula Grill restaurant in Waikiki. Our relationship began when they came out in mass to volunteer at a Hanohano He’eia workday back in March 2013. They brought over 20 staff, worked for 3+ hours moving coral and rock by barge, had a great attitude, AND brought a ton of food to share for our lunch potluck (*thats key to beginning a relationship off right*). Over lunch we spoke with the general manager and executive head chef and they immediately decided to start purchasing and highlighting invasive limu on their menu as a part of sourcing more local ingredients for their meals.

Heres a news clip highlighting the fishpond, invasive limu, and a benefit dinner:

What followed was something more than we could have ever expected.  Paepae o He’eia was one of two organizations (Waikiki Elementary was the other) chosen as recipients of Hula Grill’s “Legacy of Aloha” program. They made a generous donation of $3,500 to help replace our old but trusty flat-bottom boat. They also hosted our entire staff along with other members of the food industry at their 9th birthday party on June 6, 2013 that featured so many yummy/ono/broke da mout/scrumptious foods that its too hard to remember them all.  Our favorite (of course we are biased) were the “build your own” poke nachos with our limu in it.

We would like to extend our many thanks and aloha to the entire Hula Grill Waikiki staff and especially Executive Chef Paul Rivera who has a great heart and passion for ono local food and local ingredients. We highly recommend the restaurant to anyone looking for great food but a much less touristy and more relaxed atmosphere than Dukes or most other Waikiki food places. Mahalo no ke kako’o!


Beef Curry Rolls

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