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Posted by Keli'i Kotubetey on January 13, 2014

On Saturday January 11th, almost 40 employees from the Kailua and Kahala Whole Foods stores came down to Heʻeia Fishpond to spend a few hours getting dirty and restoring our kuapā. They broke up into three different groups but ended up doing about five different projects.

It was a very productive morning and we were graced with some beautiful ao nuʻa (ocean swell clouds) in the sky. Check out the pic below. We were also buzzed by something else in the sky: a quadcopter with a GoPro attached to its underside. A boyfriend of one of the volunteers brought his “big kid toy” to the fishpond to video some of the work done. Heʻs taken some awesome footage around Oahu and he made a short video for us. Very very cool stuff and check it out at the bottom of this post. Mahalo Nick!


Mahalo nui to Claire Sullivan for pulling the day together and as always, Mahalo to Whole Foods Market for supporting our fishpond and other similar local food producers.  We still only sell limu (invasive gorilla ogo!) to their stores but we hope in the near future to be adding on fish, oysters, and clams. Oysters and Clams are much closer to becoming a reality since they wont swim away and are much heartier than fish. Either way, utilizing markets such as Whole Foods to distribute our products to local people and local plates is what we aim to do. Mahalo for a great day of work!

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