Pani ka Puka Gifts and Grants

Posted by Keli'i Kotubetey on July 15, 2015

In appreciation and recognition of the numerous businesses and foundations who recently contributed to our Pani ka Puka campaign, we wanted to offer our thanks and appreciation for making our dreams a reality. Its no secret that the work to Pani ka Puka, or close the 50-year old hole in our fishpond wall, continues to take an amazing amount of people power – passing, stacking, moving, building, constructing. But it also goes without saying that our materials, gear, supplies, equipment, and dedicated staff require financial resources to keep the process moving forward as well. So we would like to thank each and everyone who has contributed thus far to our fundraising campaign and especially these recent grantors and donors:

- Hawaiian Electric Company: $15,000
– Matson Foundation: $5,000
– Patagonia & Staff of Hawaii Stores: $9,000
– Cooke Foundation: $10,000
– HCF Koaniani Fund: $38,000
– Friends of Hawaii Charities: $5,000
– Atherton Family Foundation: $10,000

Everyones contribution to our campaign since its launch in December 2014, be it financial or physical or mental or spiritual, has been extremely humbling and awe-inspiring. “It takes a village” as the wise saying goes and that is entirely true in our situation here at He’eia Fishpond. Mahalo nui loa for your endless support, love, and aloha.

And, BTW, the puka is slowly being pani’d so follow our social media accounts (FB, Twitter, IG) for updates and pictures. Its happenin’!!

HMLI Workday
HMLI Workday2
HMLI Workday2

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