Kaulana Mahina Presentation

Posted by Keli'i Kotubetey on September 21, 2013

 Looking for a simple recipe or way to attract large numbers of people from the community to a lecture series? Simple … tell them Kalei Nu’uhiwa is presenting about the Hawaiian Moon Calendar and they’ll show up in droves.

Thats exactly what happened in when we announced Kalei would be speaking on September 19th about her research into the Hawaiian Moon Calendar. In fact, so many people signed up that 1) we had to change the venue from our preferred site (under He’eia Fishpond’s halau area) to the large pavillion at He’eia State Park and 2) we had to turn people away after the RSVP list exceeded 150. We knew Kalei had a huge following, partially because all of us at the fishpond are in her “flock” of followers, but we didnt expect the turnout that we got. Speaks to the mana, charisma, and ‘ike that she possesses and shares freely with all those willing to listen and put into action what they have learned.

This post is to merely recap the event, show you a couple pictures, and tell you that YOU MISSED OUT if you weren’t there. It was an awesome, edge-of-your-seat 90 minute talk that left everyone feeling like “what just happened?” and “I want more” and “I neva knew that” and “ho, thats frickin cool” all at the same time.

Big mahalo to OHA for sponsoring the event as a part of our Mali’u a Li’u Project. And an especially big mahalo to Kama’aina Kids for donating the space to hold our event.

Here are a few cool facts that we learned, remembered, and are worth mentioning:

  • Babies born on La’au moons are warriors of the family and have strong limbs
  • La’au moons are a time when you should gather herbs because the plants are full of sap
  • The first six moon phases from Hilo to Mohalu have negative tides in the morning because the sun and the moon are both below the horizon
  • Kaloa moons are when jellyfish arrive in our waters and on our shores
  • The Kane to Muku moons are important to ceremony and there are a lot of limu and he’e in the ocean

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