US Air Force Volunteer Day

Posted by Keli'i Kotubetey on September 3, 2013

Simply put, Fridays at the fishpond are dedicated to bussin’ ass.  If you’ve ever volunteered with us on a Friday, we are always outside moving rocks, building wall, cutting grass, cleaning limu or something similar in an effort to stay connected to the fishpond and give attention to special projects we might not get to regularly. On the last Friday in August, about 50 men and women of the US Air Force stationed at Hickam Air Force Base joined our staff to “buss ass”.

After some morning coffee and an overview of the fishpond and our organization, we broke up into 7 groups and hit the wall running. Some were tasked with moving 50-100 lb pieces of ko’a, others filled buckets, some built wall, some moved barges and passed material, and a few lucky souls got to jump into the pond and retrieve core cylinders to be used as filler. At 10:20am (we started at about 8:45), someone asked to know what time it was and our staff was blown away at how much work had been completed in less than 2 hours. Needless to say, these volunteers got the memo to work hard and efficient.

Many thanks go out to the US Air Force members who joined us that morning. As far as we can remember, this group was the first volunteer group of armed forces members that we’ve hosted at He’eia. We’ve had individuals from other branches join us in the past but not an organized like this group. Congratulations to the US Air Force on being the first. Special mahalos to Craig Odom for making the day happen and literally rallying the troops.

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