Ua pae ka wa‘a – Our canoe has landed!

Posted by Keli'i Kotubetey on March 26, 2013

Paepae o He‘eia has anxiously been awaiting this dayour first blog post!  And more importantly, its wrapped into our brand-spankin’ new website!!  Yes we work at a fishpond and no we aren’t sailors by profession but symbolically Ua pae ka wa‘a – the canoe has landed.  Where you ask?  Right here, in our brand new internet home, of course!

Like my Kumu says, our Kupuna were able to navigate to these Hawaiian Islands not because they knew where they were going but because they knew where they were coming from.  The starting point was their guideline, their source, their kahua.  From that point, they could travel  anywhere with the confidence that they could always get home. Paepae o He‘eia’s kahua is wide and expansive and many people/places/mea helped to set the foundation for our journey but I will mention just two here.  The first is obvious – ka loko i‘a o He‘eia.

The existence of our organization and fishpond family that surrounds us is entirely dependent on this beautiful, unique, manaful, inspiring, and nourishing 88-acre fishpond.  We are forever indebted to this place for it inspires us to do the work we do.  The second person is Ryan “Gonzo” Gonzalez who was the architect of Paepae o He‘eia’s original website.

Built in 2004, it was our online presence and source of interaction with students, volunteers, families, donors, scientists, practitioners, activists, and businesses on a global scale.  His website helped Paepae o He‘eia grow into a well-rounded and modern kia‘i for He‘eia Fishpond.  Mahalo piha ia ‘olua for your guidance and wisdom.

So thats where we come from, internet-wise.  So….wea we goin’?  Thanks to the help of John Garcia and his team, we have created a new website and access point for He‘eia Fishpond.  It is our hope that this wahi will connect us even deeper with our community, be a virtual fishpond classroom, and most importantly give people a closer look at how an ancient Hawaiian Fishpond is relevant in all aspects of our modern life.  Poke around the website and you’ll find:

  • Weekly Updated Blog - catch glimpses and stories of daily fishpond action
  • Social Media – connect directly to our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages
  • E-newsletter – in 5 seconds you can subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter
  • Online Store - purchase resources from the pond (limu, fish, etc) when available and get hooked up with the latest POH shwag, tshirts, and hats
  • Interactive Calendar – keep tabs on whats happenin’ and even subscribe to it
  • Pictures galore - browse the site for picture galleries and see what we do
  • Donate Online – a safe and simple way to support the fishpond and our programs
  • Additional Resources – browse our library of fishpond resources and partners


We are proud to unveil this new website and hope it extends the reach of He‘eia Fishpond far and wide and deep.  Mahalo no ke kako‘o mau a mau!!

Keli‘i Kotubetey, Assistant Executive Director

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