Kū Hou Kuapā  ~  Restoration

Kū Hou Kuapā literally means to “Let the Wall Rise Again”. This program is responsible for all of the restoration and rehabilitation of the kuapā – fishpond wall – and the fishpond contained within it. The goal of this program is to restore the ancient wall in order to preserve the integrity of the fishpond and support our unique cultural, educational, and aquacultural programs.

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Ka ‘Ai Kamaha’o  ~  Education

The Ka ‘Ai Kamaha’o program engages participants, keiki to kūpuna, in culturally relevant and academically rigorous studies aimed at bridging traditional and contemporary knowledge systems. The eco-cultural projects consist of mālama loko i’a, place-based knowledge and ecological-based studies that foster values and concepts of traditional fishpond management.

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‘Āina Momona  ~  Production

The goal of this community-based economic development program is to research, develop, and feature various products and services from the fishpond and make them available to the public. By doing so, we aim to mutually benefit both the fishpond and those whom it can nourish.

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